Thursday, May 19, 2011


You know those weeks that nothing seems to go your way?  The week that everyone needs something and you have a ton of places to be?  That was our last two weeks!  The paycheck got eaten by vet costs, pool costs and auto costs!  So, because I'm stubborn and won't touch my emergency fund, I got creative and barely went grocery shopping.  I bought what was a need and used our lovely (shrinking) stockpile.

I didn't get a picture this week

Milk 4@$3.29-$13.16
5 dozen eggs-$6.19
4 loaves of bread-$9.88
2 yogurts-$3.36
ice cream-$3.98 (true, not a need, but I "needed" it this week. lol)
spaghetti sauce-$0.86
refried beans-$0.68
bulk pasta-$1.34
mozzarela cheese-$5.07
colby jack cheese-$5.55
chai tea-$3.18


Just a bit over 1/2 my normal budget.  I think we can do this again next week and then I will be back to our normal shopping.  It's been an adventure and the kids and I have got creative with our meals.  No one is hungry and we are using the internet to find some new recipes to try.


  1. That sounds like about what's going on around here. Vet's, fleas meds, exterminator....and too high gas! LOL. Hope your week gets better. What always helps us is I do freezer cooking so we have meals in the freezer. I try to keep rotating the stock and cook a batch each week, but if money is tight I don't have to cook that week.

  2. Money is evil I tell can't ever have enough it seems.
    Thanks for hooking up with my linky. I didn't hook anything up here as I'm not sure what you want?